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Exposed to Asbestos at Work

Asbestos is a dangerous group of minerals that, when airborne can cause great risks to individuals exposed to asbestos dust. Attorney Charlie Contrada is the only mesothelioma lawyer in Northwest Ohio who has handled cases for over 25 years for individuals who have been exposed to asbestos. When someone is exposed to this dangerous group of minerals, there is a chance that they may develop cancer as a result. What is mesothelioma? Mesothelioma

Can A Lawyer Contact Me after an Accident?

After being involved in a car accident, injured victims are often urged to contact a lawyer. Seeking legal guidance after suffering injury due to the fault of another individual is advice that our law firm gives to victims on a regular basis. When it comes to a car accident claim, every detail matters, so it is imperative to have a professional guiding you through the process. Car Accident Lawyer: Direct Contact

Why Gap Insurance is so Important to Have

Imagine this – you have finally reached the point where you are able to purchase a new car. After spending hours at the credit union looking over papers and getting your financial information in order, and signing on numerous dotted lines, you are approved for the amount you need. You go to the dealership, get the keys, and drive away in the car you’ve been dreaming of for the past

What is considered Personal Injury?

When an individual suffers a personal injury, it is one caused by someone else’s failure to act responsible. Oftentimes you will hear the word negligence associated with personal injury, which is not the reasonable or expected behavior outlined by the law. Negligence is the legal word for fault. The life of an individual can be disrupted after suffering a personal injury. Injuries can result in ongoing sessions of physical therapy and

Filing a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can cause many after-effects for those involved, not only when it comes to injuries sustained, but their financial well-being. There is a defined process to go through and tips to follow when filing a claim. Attorney Charlie Contrada firmly believes that following the below tips when going through a car accident claim will help you to minimize the stress involved with your claim and maximize your return. Tips When Filing

Asbestos Awareness Week 2014

April 1-7 is Asbestos Awareness Week, an opportunity to join together and spread the word about asbestos, a deadly group of minerals. As a Northwest Ohio mesothelioma lawyer, Charlie Contrada believes that it is important to raise awareness of this fatal cancer and the pain and suffering that it brings to tens of thousands of individuals every year. Diagnosed with Mesothelioma Attorney Charlie Contrada has handled countless mesothelioma cases and deals with

What type of car insurance coverage should I have?

After spending over 35 years helping car accident victims after accidents to seek compensation for their injuries, attorney Charlie Contrada has seen some unfortunate outcomes for individuals simply because of the car insurance coverage they had. The outcome of certain injury cases was significantly affected by one simple line item on a car insurance policy, so in an attempt to prevent future car accident victims from suffering financially, Contrada &

Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in Toledo

Injured in Toledo Car Accident Car accidents happen more often than you may realize. While it isn’t uncommon to suffer from the occasional traffic jam due to an accident scene, many people are not aware of how many serious car accidents occur on area roadways and the effect that they can have on someone’s life. At Contrada & Associates, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience with car accident injury cases.

Industries Affected by Mesothelioma

Who is at Risk for Mesothelioma? Attorney Charlie Contrada has been handling mesothelioma cases for over 25 years. He has helped numerous individuals and families who were exposed to asbestos to receive a settlement after contracting cancer. As the only local lawyer in Northwest Ohio that has handled mesothelioma cases, attorney Contrada is available to sit down with you personally to explain your options as a victim of mesothelioma. Asbestos is a

What is Intra-Family Car Insurance Coverage?

Family Members Injured in Car Accident Imagine being involved in a car accident in which you and your family are seriously injured – you begin to acquire thousands in medical expenses and lost wages, amounting to financial strain, but you are unable to seek compensation from the insurance company. There is a great possibility this could happen to you if you are in an accident in which one of your family