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Accidents Involving a Low Speed Vehicle

Summer is here and there is a good possibility that you will see a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) driving around your neighborhood. LSV’s are small electric vehicles, similar to golf carts that are street legal. To drive legally, your LSV must pass an inspection, be registered and titled by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and insured. You must also have a valid driver’s license. An LSV can only go up

Accident with an Uber Driver

What is Uber? Uber is a very popular rideshare service in most major cities in the United States. Uber is similar to a taxi service but the difference is Uber does not own, operate or control their cars and do not hire drivers directly, the drivers are considered independent contractors by Uber. You were in an Accident with an Uber Driver Have you been in an accident because of an Uber driver? If

Driving Safely in Construction Zones

If you live in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan you probably have noticed that there is construction on almost every major highway in our area. Driving in construction zones can prove to be dangerous and hazardous. Knowing the proper way to drive in a construction zone can help prevent accidents and save the lives of construction workers and other motorists. Speed When driving through a construction zone, it is important to slow

Defensive Driving for Motorcyclists in the Spring

It’s officially spring and with the weather warming up most motorcyclists are chomping at the bit to get out on their bikes for the first ride of the New Year.  Whether you’re a newer motorcyclist or an experienced one, it’s always best to keep refreshed on defensive driving tips to make your ride as happy and accident-free as possible. Defensive Driving The only way to ride safely on a motorcycle is to

Don’t you want a real attorney representing you? Why you should always meet your attorney in person.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be a stressful and tough process. How do you know you are hiring the right attorney for you and your case? Do your research. Make sure the attorney you hire has a local office and is willing to meet with you in person to discuss your case. Some law firms tend to advertise themselves as a local city attorney, yet come to find out their

Nagging Phone Calls & Mailings after a Car Accident

One of the saddest things that happen after an accident is the 50 phone calls, 50 mailers and door drops. The calls alone will drive you crazy. By law lawyers aren’t allowed to solicit by phone. However, some have gotten around this rule by having a recorded message. The vast majority of lawyers find this type of solicitation appalling. You may wonder where they got your information. Generally, they get it from

Are you properly insured when traveling in a company car?

Do you travel in groups for work in a company car? You should ask your employer about their automobile insurance coverage and if you will be covered while traveling in the company car before anything happens. If you are in an accident in a company vehicle, your personal auto insurance may not cover you. If you work in Ohio and travel to Michigan for work more than 30 days in the

Company Car Accident: Who Pays?

If you are hit by someone driving a company car and you sustain injuries or property damage, what effect does this have on a subsequent lawsuit? Normally, these accidents are solely decided by the Law of Negligence. Negligence means fault. Considerations such as speed, weather conditions, driver impairment and driver conduct are considered in all accidents. However, if you are injured by someone driving a company car, other considerations may apply.

Independent Medical Examinations

In very limited circumstances, if you are involved in an accident, the insurance company or the defense lawyer may request that you undergo an “independent medical examination”.  Needless to say, there is nothing independent about these examinations and, in many ways, they are a total mockery of the doctor/patient relationship.   Why do they want an Independent Medical Exam? The insurance companies want you examined by their doctor to evaluate the extent of

The 6 Steps to File a Personal Injury Claim

1. Determine grounds to file a Personal Injury Claim Usually, if you have been injured because of another person’s negligence or faults, you have grounds for a claim, possibly a lawsuit. It is very important to know that if you accept any type of settlement and sign a release from the insurance company, you waive your right to collect any additional compensation even if your medical condition changes. 2. Gather evidence In order