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Toledo Zombie Bar Crawl: Don’t Get a Personal Injury Bite

The Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl returns on October 24th with a night that is sure to be full of ghouls and goblins wandering the Toledo streets. With an increased number of people walking throughout Uptown Toledo, dressed in Halloween costumes and consuming alcohol, we caution drivers to be extra cautious and the participating ‘zombies’ to be aware of their surroundings. Zombie Safety Tips The Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl has turned

Laws Surrounding Running and Biking on Road

It is not uncommon to see a runner or biker on the side of the road at any given time. With so many individuals focused on their health and fitness with goals of completing races, whether they are a 5K, a marathon, or a triathlon, the number or individuals using the roadways for exercise have increased. Running on the Roadway It is understood by many that if using the roadway as a

Defective Drugs & Pharmaceutical Malpractice

A defective drug is either a prescription or an over-the-counter medication that has caused an individual harm. Injuries from a drug defect can be the result of many things, including the following: Dangerous side effects – the drug could result in unwanted side effects due to insufficient research Wrong prescription – your doctor could have prescribed the wrong prescription altogether, causing serious medical issues Improperly filled – the pharmacist could have filled your

Preventing School Bus Accidents

As each new school year begins, there are concerns for school bus safety. At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, there were three bus accidents reported in the news within a week of each other, highlighting the importance of safety. School bus safety is a team effort between the school, parents, children and drivers. It is important for proper training courses to teach children the rules of the road and

Easy Ways to Obtain Info after Car Accident

A majority of people are aware that after being involved in a car accident, there are different steps to take to ensure that you are obtaining all the information that is necessary for insurance purposes. In some cases, the car accident may result in serious damages or injuries that would later result in a car accident claim. In these instances, obtaining certain information is even more helpful to your personal

Sharing Information with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

After being involved in a car accident, there are many confusing and overwhelming things that must be dealt with, including the legal side of your accident (property damages, injuries, etc.). Some people don’t believe that there should be compensation for something that is considered to be an accident. However, the injury is defined as an “injury that was caused by the fault of another.” The personal injury lawyers at Contrada & Associates

Car Accident Caused by Defective Vehicle

With the increased number of recalls that exist on vehicles today, it’s no surprise that there are vehicle accidents that are caused by defective vehicles. There are several results of accidents that are caused by defective vehicles, including injury accidents or even fatal car accidents. Vehicle Defects There are several types of common vehicle defects that have the potential to cause car accidents. The defects can be due to a variety of

What is the Statute of Limitations?

If an individual is injured in an accident, there is a defined amount of time that they have to pursue a legal claim. This period of time is referred to as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations keeps legal claims within a reasonable amount of time from the incident. In Ohio, the statute of limitations for most personal injury is two years. This means that an individual has two

Faulty Medical Device Causes Injury

The term ‘medical device’ applies to countless types of medical equipment that individuals use during a treatment process. There are incidents in which patients experience injury from medical devices which constitutes a product liability claim. What is a medical device? A medical device is anything that is used by an individual to help throughout the treatment process. These devices are utilized for those suffering from a disease, illness, injury of some kind,

What Should I do as a Witness of a Car Accident?

There is much confusion when it comes to what bystanders should do if first on the scene of a car accident. There have been stories in the past in which an individual has attempted to help the victim of a car accident and instead found themselves in legal trouble. The Good Samaritan law protects any bystander who assists someone after they have been involved in a car accident without expecting any