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Small Smiles Lawsuit Filed By Contrada & Associates

Charlie Contrada filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court against Small Smiles Dental Clinic. This suit alleged that employees of Small Smiles performed unnecessary procedures on children to collect Medicaid. In addition, Small Smiles has repaid the attorney general of Ohio and the federal government for Medicaid fraud.

The website for Small Smiles says that it was “founded on the principle that all children should have access to professional dental care, the associated network of Small Smiles and other dental centers are the nation’s premier dental practices focused on quality care for children from America’s low-income families.” However, dozens of patients in the greater Toledo area have come forward and alleged that their children have had unnecessary dental procedures including tooth removals, caps, root canals and fillings. These parents aver that they were not allowed in the room when their children got these unnecessary procedures and several claimed they were threatened if they did not allow Small Smiles to go forward with the procedures immediately, the Children’s Services Board would be called.

If successful, Contrada & Associates will be asking the courts for a monetary award for the unnecessary procedures suffered by the children. Some of the allegations include the children being “papoosed” or tied down during these procedures whereas others still fear seeing anyone in a “white coat” after their treatment from Small Smiles.

If you believe that your child – or a child you know – may have been a victim of needless dental procedures by Small Smiles dental clinic, please call or email the attorneys at Contrada & Associates for a free evaluation today.

Contrada & Associates has now dismissed its lawsuit and aligned itself with two national firms to enhance a global strategy on all small smiles cases.