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Injured in Car Accident while in Uber Car

Uber is a ride sharing service that connects riders to drivers through the use of an app. Uber is not a taxi. The service is praised by users due to its low cost (nearly half the price of taxis) and its convenience.

Uber is available in over 200 cities, including the Toledo area. Since it is a rather new concept for many, it may cause confusion as to what someone is to do if they are involved in a car accident while using the service.

Injured in Accident While Taking Uber

If you were the passenger in an uber car when it was involved in an accident, then you would be covered under uber’s insurance policy. As the uber website states, from the time that a driver accepts a trip request from a rider within the uber app, through the completion of the ride, the driver has $1 million of coverage for driver liability.

Uber also provides $1 million of coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. This means that if another driver causes the accident with the uber car and that driver does not have insurance to cover the injuries sustained, the passenger will be able to seek compensation through uber’s coverage.

The easiest way to protect yourself is to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. While it is great to know that the ridesharing company has the insurance coverage to help injured passengers in the event of an accident, the best advice that we can still give to an injured car accident victim is to always contact a personal injury lawyer. Before speaking to an insurance adjuster about the accident or starting the claim process, it is imperative to receive the guidance of a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will work on your behalf to ensure that you ultimately receive the most favorable settlement for the injuries sustained in the uber car accident.

Only time will tell if uber insurance company deals with claims in a timely manner and gives injured victims the compensation that they deserve. Our personal injury lawyers advise that the single safety way to protect yourself is to have your own personal uninsured/underinsured motorist cover in the highest amount you can afford.

To speak to a personal injury lawyer regarding an uber car accident in the Toledo area, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400. Our car accident lawyers can explain the steps that you should take in receiving compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained in an uber car.


Easy Ways to Obtain Info after Car Accident

A majority of people are aware that after being involved in a car accident, there are different steps to take to ensure that you are obtaining all the information that is necessary for insurance purposes. In some cases, the car accident may result in serious damages or injuries that would later result in a car accident claim. In these instances, obtaining certain information is even more helpful to your personal injury claim.

Obtaining Information at the Scene of an Accident

There are a lot of things going on at the scene of an accident which can make it difficult to obtain information. There is a strong chance that you are on the side of a busy road waiting for the police to arrive, or the weather could be inclement making it difficult to speak with the other driver without putting your or them at risk.

Contrada & Associates has handled thousands of car accident cases, helping individuals receive settlements for the injuries they’ve sustained and the pain and suffering they’ve endured. Through this experience, we believe that obtaining certain pieces of information after the accident will assist in your personal injury case. If you are involved in a car accident, get the below information from the other driver to share with your car accident lawyer:

  • Name of other driver
  • Address and phone number
  • Car insurance information

While obtaining this information can assist in the personal injury claim process, do not put yourself in danger to get it (i.e. if you’re on a busy highway with no shoulder room to communicate with the other driver, do not risk being struck by an oncoming vehicle). Also, the other driver may be reluctant to share this information with you. The advice of our car accident lawyers is that if you can get the information – great; if you can’t get the information – the lawyers at Contrada & Associates will know what steps to take.

How to get the information Fast

As we explained earlier, the scene of a car accident is stressful and there are a lot of things going on. Writing down a person’s contact information on a scrap piece of paper (if you can find one in your car) may seem like it takes forever, or you could be too shaken up to write legibly. An easy to way to obtain the contact information in its entirety after an accident is to pull your phone out and take a picture. Ask the individual if they have a business card that you can take a picture of, in addition to taking a photo of their car insurance information. We also recommend taking a photo of the other driver’s license plate.

If you and the other driver decides to move your vehicles before the police arrive, take several photos of where the cars are at first before moving.

If there is a witness on the scene of the accident who can help you to prove that you did not cause the accident and that the other driver was at-fault, we highly recommend getting their information as well. Oftentimes witnesses may not stay at the scene very long as they likely have somewhere else to be, making it crucial to obtain their name and phone number in the easiest way possible, which could be taking a picture of their card.

Contacting a Car accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries in your car accident, seek medical attention. A reminder from our car accident lawyers is that sometimes car accident victims mistake their injuries for temporary discomfort and wait one to two weeks before visiting their doctor. If you have any pain following your accident, seek medical attention and then contact a car accident lawyer.

If you would like to speak to one of the car accident lawyers at Contrada & Associates about your accident, call 419.841.4400. You will have the opportunity to review the accident with a lawyer and receive legal guidance as to the next steps to take.

Car Accident Caused by Defective Vehicle

With the increased number of recalls that exist on vehicles today, it’s no surprise that there are vehicle accidents that are caused by defective vehicles. There are several results of accidents that are caused by defective vehicles, including injury accidents or even fatal car accidents.

Vehicle Defects

There are several types of common vehicle defects that have the potential to cause car accidents. The defects can be due to a variety of things, such as the manufacturing process or even the basic design of the vehicle or a specific car part. Below is a list of common defects that often result in vehicle accidents:

  • Improper vehicle structure
  • Defective safety equipment – seatbelts, airbags
  • Defective brake system
  • Improper wiring of vehicle
  • Defective fuel system and tanks
  • Defective tires

Our personal injury attorneys remind any victim of a defective product to NOT dispose of the product after the incident occurs. In order to pursue damages for injuries sustained due to a defective product, the individual must physically have the defective product. This means that if you are involved in an accident which was caused by a defective car part (airbag, seatbelt, brakes, etc.), do not get rid of your vehicle. Your car is your only proof. You must be able to prove that there is a defect. If you have questions about the product that caused your injury and what you should do, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400.

Recalled Vehicle Accidents

Automakers have the responsibility to provide the public with safe vehicles to drive. If they fail to do so, motorists are able to seek compensation for any injuries that may result from this.

We advise any individual who has suffered an injury from a defective vehicle part, especially if it has been recalled, to contact a personal injury attorney. When injuries occur due to the negligence of a company, manufacturer, or distributor, a legal claim can be made.

Defective Vehicle: Personal Injury Attorney

To speak to a personal injury attorney from Contrada & Associates about the defective vehicle or car part that caused your injury, call 419.841.4400. Our personal injury attorneys have helped countless victims of defective products to pursue legal claims for their injuries.

What Should I do as a Witness of a Car Accident?

There is much confusion when it comes to what bystanders should do if first on the scene of a car accident. There have been stories in the past in which an individual has attempted to help the victim of a car accident and instead found themselves in legal trouble.

The Good Samaritan law protects any bystander who assists someone after they have been involved in a car accident without expecting any type of reward for doing so. Good Samaritan laws are meant to protect those who help others for no reason other than pure kindness.

If a rescuer is getting paid (EMS, paramedics), they are expected to do their job correctly. This means if they make a mistake while rescuing someone, they are not protected under Good Samaritan laws.

Car Accident Bystander/Witness

If you are a bystander at the scene of the accident, the car accident attorneys at Contrada & Associates recommend doing the following:

  • Report the accident – if you are the witness of a car accident, you should immediately call the police and report the accident. The sooner the police and first responders can arrive to assist, the better the outcome will be for those involved.
  • Help the victims – if the first responders have not arrived at the scene of the accident and the injured car accident victims are requesting your help, assist them if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Identify yourself – give your name and phone number to the individual involved in the accident that you believe is not at fault.

Car Accident Attorney

The car accident attorneys at Contrada & Associates have helped countless car accident victims with their personal injury cases. We have represented individuals and their families after being involved in injury accidents, helping them to receive the compensation that is deserved for the injuries sustained in the accident.

If you would like to speak to a car accident attorney about an accident that you were involved in, call our office at 419.841.4400. You will be able to speak directly to an attorney and learn what your legal options are.


3 Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make

After being involved in a car accident, there are certain steps to take that are recommended for your personal injury claim. Attorney Charlie Contrada has explained each step that a car accident victim should take when filing a personal injury claim, explained in our blog post, Filing a Car Accident Claim.

Contrada & Associates feels that it is also very important to share the three most common mistakes that car accident victims make after being involved in an injury accident. By avoiding these mistakes, you can prevent putting your personal injury claim in jeopardy.

Early Mistakes in Car Accident Claims

Medical Attention:

The first mistake that people involved in car accidents make is not seeking medical attention right away. Visiting your doctor or a hospital following your car accident is not only important to your health, but also to your personal injury claim. Some car accident victims think that the pain and discomfort that they have following a car accident will go away after a few days, but then find out two weeks later that their pain has worsened. While waiting to see a doctor is somewhat of a common mistake, it can seriously jeopardize a personal injury claim. The insurance company will argue that the injuries sustained in the accident couldn’t be too serious if it takes the individual two weeks to seek medical attention.

Many individuals who are in top physical health are under the illusion that the symptoms of a car accident injury are akin to a sports injury. For example, the pain experienced after an intense weight-lifting workout that goes away after a couple of days.

Contrada & Associates’ advice: If you are injured in a car accident, seek medical attention immediately.

Recorded Statement:

It is not advised to give the other driver’s insurance company a recorded statement following a car accident. Some car accident victims make this mistake and then find that their words have been used against them later in the legal process. Oftentimes recorded statements are misused by insurance companies to somehow blame you of causing part of the accident. Generally when statements are misues, we have to file a lawsuit to sort it out. You will have to give your own insurance company a statement regarding the accident, or they can have grounds for denying coverage.

Contrada & Associates’ advice: Never give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company and consult your personal injury lawyer before giving a statement to your own insurance company.

Collect Contact Information:

In the hectic aftermath of a car accident, some people may forget to get the contact information of the other driver involved. It is helpful to obtain the other driver’s full name, address and phone number. The most important information to get is the other person’s insurance company name.

In many cases because of injuries, you are physically or mentally unable to obtain this information. In many jurisdictions, the police no longer share information about the other driver. So, if you are unable to get the information yourself, you may not be able to find out who caused your accident or what insurance company they have until you are able to receive a copy of the police report.

If there are witnesses to the accident, it can also help your claim to obtain their information so your personal injury lawyer can contact them.

Contrada & Associates’ advice: Keep a small booklet and pen in your glove box with the list of all information that you must obtain if involved in an accident so you don’t forget to collect something. Ask to see their insurance information, which by law should be kept in their vehicle.

Car Accident Lawyer

One of the best things that you can do after being involved in an accident is to contact a personal injury lawyer. There are several legal matters that can be addressed immediately following the accident, so having the guidance of an experienced lawyer is very important.

To ask a personal injury lawyer at Contrada & Associates about your car accident, call 419.841.4400. You can discuss your accident over the phone or come into the office for a meeting with attorney Charlie Contrada. Our office believes in offering clients the personalized service that they deserve, helping them to fully understand their legal options and the car accident settlement process.

What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

When involved in a car accident, things can seem to be moving a million miles a minute. It is important to stay calm, ensure the safety of you and your passengers if on a busy road, and get information from the other motorist involved.

Call the Police after a Car Accident

Immediately following your car accident, you should call the police. Doing so will allow a police officer to get to the scene of the accident, ensure that everyone is safe, block traffic if necessary, and file a police report.

Exchange Information with Other Driver

It is very important to try to exchange information with the other driver if they are willing after a car accident. When doing so, make sure you get the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance information
  • Car insurance information

Following the accident, ask to see the other driver’s car insurance card. Having all of the necessary information will make the insurance process much easier.

Taking Pictures of the Accident

Taking photos of the scene of the accident can be important for your car accident claim. If you are physically able to do so, use your cell phone to take photos right after the accident, documenting the damages that resulted. When doing so, take a picture of the location of the vehicles, documenting where they came to rest after the collision. You will want to share these photos with your car accident attorney because the more information that they have, the stronger that your case can be.

Our personal injury attorneys remind you that your physical health is more important than capturing photos of the accident, so do not risk further injury by taking photos.

Seek Medical Attention

It is a good idea to seek immediate medical attention following a car accident because for most people, the adrenaline will kick in and they may not experience symptoms at the scene of the crash. In attorney Charlie Contrada’s experience handing car accident cases, he has seen the onset of symptoms vary:

  • 40% of people experience injury symptoms at the scene of the crash
  • 20% experience symptoms later that day
  • 30% do not experience symptoms until the following morning
  • 10% do not experience symptoms for a day or two after the accident

Attorney Charlie Contrada believes that most family practice physicians would agree with the percentages above. If you experience any injuries or pain at the scene of the car accident, it is imperative that you see a medical professional.

Many car accident victims do not seek medical attention because they think “the pain will go away,” or that “it’s not that serious,” but this way of thinking can negatively affect your personal health if you don’t receive medical attention.

Personal injury attorney Charlie Contrada has seen many instances of men and women in excellent health and good shape that are under the illusion that their injuries following a car accident are similar to the pain following an intense physical workout. What these car accident victims do not seem to realize is how many thousands of pounds of force it took to crush their car in or push their car forward an entire car length from a resting stop. For example, our office did a fundraiser for a local high school where people could pay to take a sledgehammer to a car. Only the strongest high school students were able to put a dent in the car with a sledgehammer. It takes a lot of force to damage a vehicle.

The insurance companies will look closely at how soon you seek treatment following your car accident and use it against you if you delay treatment for very long. When it comes to receiving treatment for car accident injuries, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If injuries have resulted from your car accident, contacting a car accident attorney will not only make things much easier for you, but also increase your chances of receiving a favorable personal injury settlement. They will work on your behalf, communicate with the insurance company, and go through all of the necessary legal steps.

Car Accident in Toledo

When involved in a car accident, doing the above will help your car accident claim. If your accident occurred in the Toledo area, call Contrada & Associates for guidance regarding your car accident claim. Our attorneys have handled thousands of car accident cases and can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve. Call 419.841.4400 to speak with an attorney about your accident and receive advice regarding the steps that you should take.

How does a preexisting injury affect a car accident claim?

Many people live with injuries that could possibly affect their claim in the event that they are involved in a car accident. Some of the injuries that would be considered a “preexisting condition” in this type of situation would include a bad back, previous neck pain, knee injuries, and many other things.

Personal Injury Claim: Preexisting Conditions

A great number of people live with preexisting conditions. For example, if a 25-year-old man suffered a back injury five years prior from playing football with friends, he may experience days every now and then in which his back aches, but nothing to the extent of him being unable to walk or perform daily responsibilities. However, if that man was then involved in a car accident today, he may suffer a more severe injury to his back that affects his daily life and could possibly cause him to take time off work, short-term or long-term. While this is a definite change in the everyday pain and burden the injury has on the man’s life, the insurance company would consider this an “aggravation of an existing condition.” The injured man would not receive the full amount of compensation from his car accident claim that he would have received had the back injury five years prior not occurred.

Preexisting conditions can be defined in a car accident case even if the individual themselves are unaware that they have the condition. There are some people who may have arthritic changes in their neck or back; changes that do not cause pain or affect the individual in any way. For example, if a 60-year-old woman was involved in a car accident that caused a neck injury, she would go see a medical professional for treatment. Tests would be done to identify the extent of the injury and the results would be shared with the woman, as well as the insurance company. If this woman was beginning to experience arthritic changes in her neck and spine, once again changes that do not affect her in any way at this point in her life and would not have affected her for years, the insurance company would still consider this to be a preexisting condition. The young woman would not receive the same amount of compensation due to the defined “acceleration of an existing condition” that the tests would show.

The notion of a preexisting condition is foreign to some car accident victims. Many individuals do not realize that an injury experienced on the football field years ago, or a shoulder injury that happened in the past can significantly affect their settlement if involved in a car accident.

Preexisting conditions can also be the result of a previous car accident. There is a chance that someone suffered an injury in a car accident at one point in their life and then was involved in a second car accident, whether it be years later or just a short time after. This once again could significantly affect the compensation that the individual might receive in a car accident settlement had they not been involved in a prior accident.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered an injury that may be considered a preexisting injury, it is imperative to seek the guidance of a car accident attorney. To speak to attorney Charlie Contrada regarding your accident, the injuries suffered, and what your legal options are, call 419.841.4400.


Pedestrian Hit by Car

Defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedestrian is any person on foot, walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying down who is involved in a motor vehicle traffic crash. According to the NHTSA, pedestrians were one of the few groups of road users that experienced an increase in fatalities in 2011, amounting to 4,432 deaths.

While people’s preferences differ in regards to transportation, pedestrians are considered to be road users. The longtime saying goes that the “pedestrian always has the right-of-way” and this is both true and essential to preventing car-pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

Pedestrians are Road Users

The most recent traffic data from 2012 states that there were 4,743 pedestrians killed and around 76,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents. These statistics equate to a pedestrian being killed in a crash every 2 hours and one being injured every 7 minutes. With such a high rate of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles, our personal injury attorneys believe it is extremely important to share safety tips that may help prevent future accidents from occurring.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • If a sidewalk is not available, walk facing traffic as far from the lanes of traffic as possible – it is important to see oncoming traffic so you can react
  • Look at the eyes of the person driving the car – if they aren’t looking at you, you need to be extra careful
  • When crossing a street, do so at a corner and use traffic safety signals and crosswalks whenever possible
  • Look left, right, and left again when crossing the road; continue to watch for traffic as you’re crossing the street
  • Act with extra caution at intersections where there is an increased risk for drivers to fail to yield properly and give the right-of-way to pedestrians
  • If on a busy street, wear bright colors that help motorists to see you
  • Act with caution when crossing driveways and side-streets as motorists may not expect to see you
  • Be especially vigilant on one-way streets because most drivers are apt to only look one way
  • Supervise young children as motorists may find them more difficult to see

Car-Pedestrian Accidents

While it is the responsibility of the motorists to allow pedestrians the right-of-way and to prevent accidents, our car accident attorneys hope that by sharing the above tips, future accidents can be prevented.

For those pedestrians who have been involved in an accident with a car, we highly recommend contacting a car accident attorney. Oftentimes the accident is caused by a motorist’s failure to pay proper attention to the roadway, resulting in them causing an accident with a pedestrian.

By hiring a car accident attorney, an injured pedestrian will be able to seek compensation for their injuries under the guidance of an experienced legal professional. An attorney with experience in this practice area will know all of the proper steps to take to ensure that a favorable settlement is rewarded. To speak to a car accident attorney at our office about your accident, call 419.841.4400. You will be able to review your accident and injuries with attorney Charlie Contrada and learn the legal steps that you should take in pursuing a claim.

Hit by Car in Toledo Metropark

Toledo has a number of metroparks that offer a beautiful place to not only be active, but also to enjoy nature. The Metroparks of the Toledo area include 11 metroparks that offer a clean, safe and natural place. Common activities at the park include walking or running on trails, riding bicycles, having get-togethers with family and friends, and an array of outdoor activities.

For the most part, the Toledo Metroparks are a safe place to be active and they strive to make their parks as safe as possible. There is a an enforced speed limit within the metroparks that allow adults and children to run, walk, bike and play without facing the risk of fast-moving vehicles. However, there are instances in which a motorist may fail to follow the enforced speed limit or be unaware of their surroundings.

If an individual is injured in an accident within a metropark, it is very important that they seek legal guidance. If involved in a car accident within a park, it is likely that the collision is between a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist, increasing the odds of serious injury.

Attorney Charlie Contrada reminds readers that one of the most dangerous situations that exist in metroparks is cars backing out of spaces. With bigger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, sometimes smaller cars cannot see until they are halfway out of the parking space. If you are walking or running through a parking area, please watch the rear lights of vehicles even during the daytime. Being aware of vehicles backing out of spaces can help to avoid an unexpected accident.

Car Accidents in Metroparks

There are several reasons why car accidents occur, including driver distraction and the failure to follow roadway markings. However, when operating a vehicle inside of a Toledo Metropark, there are certain guidelines that must be followed specific to the park.

One special guideline that motorists must follow within the metroparks is the reduced speed limit. Having a low speed limit helps to prevent collisions between vehicles and the pedestrians within the park. Motorists must also act with caution when approaching crosswalks that intersect with trails as it is the vehicle’s responsibility to wait for any walker, runner, or bicyclist that may cross. The failure to do so could result in a vehicle-pedestrian accident.

There are also some metroparks with one-way roads, allowing pedestrians to enjoy more space and peace of mind only having to watch for one lane of traffic. If a motorist fails to follow the one-way road, there is an increased risk of an accident occurring. Park attendees are accustomed to watching for vehicles at certain areas of the park, making an unexpected oncoming vehicle a serious issue.

Injured in Toledo Metropark

If you were involved in a car accident at one of the Metroparks of Toledo and sustained injuries from the collision, you should contact a car accident lawyer. Attorney Charlie Contrada has helped victims of car-pedestrian accidents to receive compensation for the injuries they suffered, the resulting medical bills, time off of work, and many other effects of the car accident injury.

To speak to attorney Charlie Contrada about the Toledo Metropark accident that you were involved in, call 419.841.4400. Attorney Contrada will review the accident with you and will offer guidance regarding the legal steps that you should take.


Three Things NOT to do after a Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day on area roadways, whether it is a fender bender or a serious collision. With so many accidents occurring on a regular basis, there is a chance that each individual will be involved in an accident at one time or another.

Attorney Charlie Contrada has posted information in the Contrada & Associates blog that car accident victims are able to use as a resource as they navigate through the car accident claim process. While this information is useful, the below three things are very important for everyone to know.  If you are involved in a car accident, do not do the following or you may jeopardize your car accident injury claim.

Don’t Do These 3 Things after a Car Accident:

  1. Wait to get medical treatment – if you are involved in a car accident and you wait to receive medical treatment for possible injuries, it will reflect badly on your personal injury claim. For example, attorney Contrada has heard from many car accident victims in the past who claimed that they thought the discomfort in their neck or back after a car accident would go away, so they didn’t bother seeking medical attention. But, instead of their injuries getting better, they got worse, and by the time the individual went to the doctor, the legitimacy of their injury claims was being questioned. If you are injured, play it safe and see a medical professional after your accident to not only protect your health, but also to properly document the injuries sustained.
  2. If there is any question as to who is at fault in causing an accident, do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Doing so could not help you, but it can hurt you if you say the wrong thing in the wrong way. Remember the insurance adjusters has a full-time job and that job is to pay you as little as possible. They go to school to learn how to ask questions to get you to answer the wrong way. Through no fault of your own, you could injure your claim by giving a statement to the insurance company without the advice of a lawyer.
  3. Settle your claim quickly – while it may seem appealing to obtain the money from your settlement faster, it is not recommended to settle your car accident claim before you have completely recovered from your injuries, or have received a prognosis for the future. Medical treatments for injuries can often last much longer than anticipated, resulting in numerous medical expenses. It is best to wait until you have completed your treatment and are back to normal before you settle, or you may find yourself with medical bills that are above and beyond your settlement amount.  If you do not fully recover, but you receive prognosis for the future, it will enable to settlement to account for all future expenses brought on by your condition, including future procedures, doctor visits, physical and occupational therapy sessions, and more.

Remember THIS after Your Car Accident                 

Now that you know the three things that you should not do after a car accident, attorney Charlie Contrada leaves you with two things that you should do – receive medical attention and seek legal advice.

If a car accident victim seeks legal advice from an experienced attorney after their accident, it is likely that they will not do any of the above things that are noted as “bad” for your settlement. When a knowledgeable attorney is representing a client, they make sure that all of the necessary steps are taken to ultimately result in a favorable settlement. To receive legal guidance from attorney Charlie Contrada regarding your car accident, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400.